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Social Media.

We are leading social media consultants and are experienced in helping businesses build an engaging platform to help drive customer engagement and participation.

Our involvement can be as little or as much as you require; we are able to work with you to define your digital marketing strategy, implement the chosen medium and manage on a day-to-day basis. Alternatively, we can create your business presence using social media platforms, provide your team with the necessary training, and then simply hand-off to you, with support as and when you require it.

Our Social Media training packages are designed for our clients to make the most out of social media with the time and resources they have available. However, as with all forms of content marketing, social media only works well with a consistent and integrated approach and is definitely a long-term strategy. The more you can put into it, the more benefits you will gain. With many of our clients, we employ a dual management system. After creating the social media strategy, both clients and the consortium team work together to efficiently deliver the plan.

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Claim your Ultimate LinkedIn Guide for Professionals.

Our team at Consortium are big fans of LinkedIn and have seen first hand how Solicitors, Accountants and Suppliers to the Legal Sector can leverage success from this free platform.

We have put our heads together to bring you the Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Professionals. This guide will run through how to get your profile perfected, how to grow your network, use the basic functions and utilise LinkedIn for business development.

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